Login to UB Online Services

University of Bridgeport's Academic and Campus Technology Services(ACTS) provides various online services for students, faculty, and staff including but not limited to Email, Canvas, and Portal. You can find the login links for these services below.



Canvas is a LMS (Learning Management System) which is used to access resources such as course materials, grades, assignments and also collaborate with fellow students and teachers.

myUB Portal


myUB is your gateway to online services provided to students, faculty, and staff:

  • UB Announcements, News and Events
  • Class Schedules
  • Important Documents
  • Online Forms
  • Email Access
  • WebAdvisor Access
  • Canvas
  • Library Resources


What is MyRole?

MyRole designates who you are at UB. If you are registered at UB for classes, you are a student. If you teach at UB, you are a faculty. If you are an employee at UB, you are a staff. If you graduated from UB with a degree, you are Alumni. You can have multiple roles depending on your current status.

Default Constituency with multiple roles

If you have multiple roles, your default login constituency is determined by ranking. The order of ranking is as follows Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni. For example, if you are both faculty and staff, your default login will be faculty. But you can always switch to staff, by hovering your mouse over MyRole and clicking on Staff.

My Email Setup

If you logged in to the portal for the first time, you have to “Enter your Credentials” in the email web part. This is a onetime setup, so you can have Single Sign-On access to Email and Eureka.

What are Account Notifications?

If there are any holds or messages that the University offices want to communicate with you they will appear here. These messages display further information, on what the hold is and how you can resolve them.

What are Team Sites?

Team sites are a collaborative workspace to which you get access by the membership. Team Sites can be students clubs, Student organizations, residential hall sites, committee sites, athletic team sites, department sites, alumni sites. A team site has an owner and members. To request a team site please contact myubhelp@bridgeport.edu for further instructions.

When I try to login to the portal, it keeps asking for my username and password again?
Please note that you have to change your password before you attempt to login to the portal for the first time. Once you have changed your password, please wait 5 minutes before you try to login to the portal with your new password. If you still have problem contact help.

When I try to login to the portal I get a message that says “Constituency not assigned” or “Primary Constituency has not been assigned”
Please send an email to myubhelp@bridgeport.edu for assistance regarding this issue.

So can I access the library, email, webadvisor, from individual quick links on the website still?
Yes, but please be advised that these individual links for the services will be removed eventually, and the only way you can access all these resources will be through the portal.

Portal Help

Faculty and Staff can call x4606 to open a helpdesk ticket.

Students can send an email to myubhelp@bridgeport.edu or chat on the Live Portal Tech support for assistance.